John Cazan has owned and operated Zaney Recording for 19 years. Starting in Scottsdale, Az. then moving to Boise, Id. in 2002 he has engineered, produced, written for, performed on and mastered a wide variety of music. Just about every style imaginable; solo artist to 10 piece horn bands! 

Zaney Recording maintains a personal, intimate footprint and still manages to put out a big sound. John's years of performing and recording popular music of all styles is an advantage for every artist he records. Offering ideas on song production and performance comes natually to John, use'em if you like, or not, the artist's comfort in the studio is his main concern. 

And if you need it John is available to play acoustic and electric guitar, bass, keyboards, and midi programming.

There is only one rule at Zaney Recording, we're serious about what we do, but we have fun doing it! 

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